Doe Mountain 8,600 Acre Recreation Area

Recently The Nature Conservancy and the state of Tennessee put together an $8.8 million transaction that puts Doe Mountain’s 8,600 acres into the ownership of the state of Tennessee with the land being managed both natural resource protection as well as multiple-use recreation.

Before 2005, the mountain was used as a wildlife management area and leased to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Now that the property has been turned over to the state, the next step will be to create a 15-member board called the Doe Mountain Recreation Authority. They will develop a management plan that allows for a broad range of activities such as mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and scenic touring by all-terrain vehicles.

Soft opening date coming soon, we are extremely excited about the possibility of having public access to this prominent landmark in Johnson County and the recreational activities and the connection with nature that it will create!

We will keep you posted about this upcoming project so check back often.